canadian badlands tourism ambassador

County of Newell, 2017

When Jody, of Travels with Baggage, contacted me asking if I'd be interested in being apart of a pilot project focused on advocating for my home area, I was on board before I could finish reading her e-mail! I love my home, and I love taking photos. Combining these two things, and being involved with other enthusiastic ambassadors, was going to make for a great summer experience. And, let me tell you, I was not disappointed! Not only did we have an incredibly, adventurous summer, but I met some great new people to call friends.

Alongside Jody, was Pete, our other fearless leader from Hecktic Travels, helping build our campaign over the summer. They provided us with ideas, help, and pushed the project for The Canadian Badlands so far that we were nominated for a 2017 Travel Alberta Alto Award!

If you use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, take a few minutes to look at our summer of adventure with the tags #CBTambassador and #myBadlands and get inspired!

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