Jake & Charly

Scandia, AB || Country Wedding
July 2019

Is it an Alberta summer day if you don't hit 30 degrees outside and come across a rattlesnake? Didn't think so!
Jake and Charly had a beautiful wedding celebration on her mom's property with all their friends and family gathered. You know when half the guests bring their campers along to spend the night, it'll be a good celebration!

As beautiful as the ceremony itself was, it's safe to say their dog Trixy stole the show. Jake had got her for Charly almost a decade ago, and it's so fitting she was front and centre for their first kiss as a married couple!

Every wedding has a highlight, and theirs was definitely the evening party after dinner (let me add, dinner was an amazing Mexican disco spread to die for!). We had all just spent a very hot day in the sun, and when it's time to pull out the cold drinks, everyone was on the lawn dancing into the gorgeous setting sun.