Julia & Lane

Gem, Alberta || Wedding Day
August 2018

This wedding you guys! There's so much about this day I could go on about. All the personal details they added, the absolute gorgeous portraits we took, the amount of laughter the hall heard during their ceremony, it's endless ....

Julia is my husband's little sister, so we were able to watch this relationship form, grow, and approach their wedding date. There were family bets on how soon they would wed since we could all see very early how in love they were.
(By the way, I definitely won the proposal timing bet)

Now, I'll tell you, I married into Julia's family years ago. They are very western. Cowboy boots, guns, horse-back cattle drives, home raised beef served at the table, all of it! Lane is cut from the same cloth, the perfect match for Julia.
And I thought I knew country life quite well by this point. But it wasn't until their wedding that I saw what non-local, authentic cowboys were like. I have never seen such a huge assortment of cowboy hat styles in my life! And the boots! We're talking knee-high cowboy boots. I loved it all - the perfect little pieces adding to this charming country wedding held in Julia's hometown of tiny little Gem, Alberta. The perfect setting for a cowboy's wedding.

After the ceremony, Lane took us to the cattle lease camp he works and lives at for their portraits. A real, rustic, country spot to truly capture them as a couple.