Kara & MJ

Gem, Alberta || Wedding Day
June 2019

Imagine for a second, that Cinderella was a country girl, and she fell in love with a cowboy. Now picture their wedding day. It would look a little something like this! Kara and MJ had an absolutely gorgeous wedding ceremony on her childhood farm. There were horses, carriages, bales, branding irons, laughter, tears, and so much love!

Outdoor weddings always have a slight uncertainty about how the forecast is going to turn - especially in Alberta. The weather and constantly changing sunlight are big factors. Rain is everyone's fear. And of course we had rain in the forecast for their June wedding date. I messaged Kara beforehand to see if they had a backup plan if it was going to rain. She straight up said, "Yep we are planning to do it unless there is a hurricane lol". This girl is Albertan and knows what's up, haha! I told her I was off to buy some umbrellas just in case. In the end, we had about 30 seconds of a drizzle just as the ceremony started, followed by a perfectly overcast sky.

Normally, if you ask me my favourite part of a wedding day, I would never have answered with the ceremony, ever. But this wedding, the ceremony was absolutely my favourite part! It was magical, emotional, and put together so beautifully by everyone involved.